MONTEL was founded in the Netherlands in the early 1980s. It moved to Turkey in 1997 with the desire to contribute to the workforce in our country and grow together. It achieved many successes in becoming a leader in the industry. In the beginning of 2000s, it expanded its production area and started to operate in a closed area of 20.000m2 within an area of 35.000m2.

As of 2005 by providing dealerships in Europe and Turkey, we aimed to reach more retail customers and succeeded at it. We grow every year in terms of dealerships and point of sales. We export more to North European countries. Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France and Denmark come at the top of these countries. As of 2005, we started to export to Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Ghana and Nigeria in Africa, Lebanon, Oman, Saudi Arabia and Dubai in the Middle East; and Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan in Turkic Republics. Since 2014, the Republic of China has taken its place among the countries we export to. According to the data released by the Exporters Association, Montel is among the top 10 exporter companies in the furniture industry.

Our company actively participates in or supports many social responsibility projects in our country. In particular, we aim to contribute to the career development of the next generation by working in cooperation with some schools for the training of vocational high schools.

MONTEL has been awarded many awards since its establishment. At the top of them there are Istanbul Wood and Forestry Products Exporters' Association "Furniture Export Award” which was received four times in different years, “Corporation Tax” award three times in different years, “FIBA1 Best Modern Dining Room”  Award two times in different years, “Best Brand of 2018” and “Sectorial Performance” Awards. TSI and IOS 9001:2015 certificates are also available.

Our company produces furniture and seats together with its professional team and carries out R&D studies. With over 40 years of experience, it serves both domestic and foreign customers as well as corporate companies.

Genuine leather and fabrics imported from Italy are used for our sofa production. By also importing from countries such as Netherlands, Italy and Spain, we provide access to the highest quality materials of the sector and use them in our sofas we produce. We foreground quality and elegance in every aspect of our seating groups and panel furniture models from the design to workmanship.

In order to keep the product quality high in our furniture production, chipboard is not preferred. MDF with high resistance to abrasion, tearing or crushing is the basic material used in the production of our furniture. Thus, we aim to give wood the spirit it deserves by also highlighting quality and durability in our furniture designs with modern lines.